[UPDATE] – New version uploaded.

This little application will allow you to shadow part of your screen while maintaining full screen brightness. This is to prevent prying eyes from easily reading for example an IM conversation.

The application is in early alpha and has not been properly tested. For now it will only allow you to shadow the left side of your screen starting from the top. When you start the application you will see an option window where you can set width and height as well as overlay opacity. If you can’t see it, right click the little smiley with the sunglasses in your system tray and click options.

The overlay is click through so you can work with your background application properly. I’ll try to add more features when I have time, such as positioning, different overlay colors and such.

I take no responsibility for damage or software loss caused by this application. It is in early alpha and has not been thoroughly tested. You have been warned. –
Supports saving and loading profiles (with limitations). Other tiny changes.


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