info: mpt raid status change on Debian 6/VMware

EDIT: I suggest you read the comment below by ndavis. Just get rid of the problem entirely 😉

I’m getting mails sent to root on a fresh install of Debian 6 with official VMware Tools, whining about RAID status changes, which is odd, since I have no visible RAID configs this Debian install should be worrying about.

Message contents:

This is a RAID status update from mpt-statusd. The mpt-status program reports that one of the RAIDs changed state: Report from /etc/init.d/mpt-statusd on <SERVER>

I don’t know what causes it, and the forums I’ve stumbled upon have offered fixes, but no actual explanation.

In order to disable the messages (and the daemon itself), do the following as root:

/etc/init.d/mpt-statusd stop
echo RUNDAEMON=no > /etc/default/mpt-statusd

7 thoughts on “info: mpt raid status change on Debian 6/VMware

  1. ndavis

    I came across your post while searching around for the same solution — I believe I’ve found the cause of this issue. After poking around with a bunch of throwaway VMs, it lies in how Debian detects VMware’s ‘LSI Logic Parallel’ virtual disk controller.

    When creating a new virtual machine, the VMware wizard defaults the SCSI controller to ‘LSI Logic Parallel’. When you instead set this to ‘LSI Logic SAS’, the Debian installer doesn’t install mpt-status and co., and therefore this alert never appears.

  2. voxadam

    Another, similar option is available, you can remove the mpt-status daemon entirely. All you have to do is run “sudo apt-get remove mpt-daemon” and you’ll never be bothered by these vague messages again.

  3. Randy Bush

    all the comments i can find on this issue from the net of a thousand lies are how to disable the daemon. not one tells me what the heck the daemon is actually trying to tell me.

    the major reason i run linux/kvm as opposed to vmware esxi is that linux/kvm lets me see the hardware. from this point of view, deleting the daemon does not seem the best path.


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