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Kickstarter projects

Since I’m a sci-fi and space game junkie, I was thrilled to see two very interesting projects on Kickstarter. One is a followup of my all time favorite game franchise Elite. I love the idea of an open ended open universe to explore. Space combat is fine, but what I want first and foremost is exploration and trade. Elite got a pledge for £50. I’m not sure they will manage to reach the set goal but I’m really really hoping so.

Elite: Dangerous on Kickstarter
Elite: Dangerous website

When backing, I saw a recommended link to a second similar project by Josh Parnell (unknown to me before KS), called Limit Theory. It looks awesome and there’s already impressive in game footage presented on the Kickstarter page for the project. Josh seems to know what he’s doing and pitched his project just right. I’ve backed him with $75 to get prototype access. It was the most I could do on a limited budget (I’m in the middle of house building.. I received an invoice for $240,000 just a couple of days ago. Josh’s project has already reached it’s funding goal which has me thrilled. Now I just hope some interesting milestones are reached as well. I’ve gotten rid of my Mac but I’d still love to see more games reach the platform, and the fact that he’s also adding Linux support when the project reached $100k just sweetens the deal.

Here’s a screenshot from Limit Theory. For more information, just like with E:D I suggest you visit the Kickstarter project pages and/or the websites. I could never do the projects justice by attempting to describe them here anyway 🙂

Limit Theory on Kickstarter
Limit Theory website

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info: mpt raid status change on Debian 6/VMware

EDIT: I suggest you read the comment below by ndavis. Just get rid of the problem entirely 😉

I’m getting mails sent to root on a fresh install of Debian 6 with official VMware Tools, whining about RAID status changes, which is odd, since I have no visible RAID configs this Debian install should be worrying about.

Message contents:

This is a RAID status update from mpt-statusd. The mpt-status program reports that one of the RAIDs changed state: Report from /etc/init.d/mpt-statusd on <SERVER>

I don’t know what causes it, and the forums I’ve stumbled upon have offered fixes, but no actual explanation.

In order to disable the messages (and the daemon itself), do the following as root:

/etc/init.d/mpt-statusd stop
echo RUNDAEMON=no > /etc/default/mpt-statusd